Q + A

Okay, Here are the most common questions my clients ask!
Feel free to contact me if you have any other question.


    Of course the sooner you book your session, the better selection of dates and time you’ll have to choose from. Busy season is usually spring, summer and fall. During this time weekends book up first months in advance and weekdays book up weeks in advance. However please feel free to call, I might have a last minute opening for you 😉

  • Where will my session take place?

    This is one of my favorite decisions to make with you! It’s really easy, we will choose a location that has meaning for you; a park that you frequent, your home, or even a coffee shop! I’ve done lifestyle sessions in the woods on a rainy day, lots of lots of coffee shops, they’re just so casual and great! So here is the thing, it could be anywhere you want, let’s come up with a unique, real-to-you location!

  • Do you travel for sessions?

    YES! YES! I’d love to but you need to book your session at least a month before, so I’ll make sure that I’m available for your date.

    -There may be additional travel fees so please inquire for more details.

  • When will my photos be ready?

    You can expect to receive your final images within 1-2 weeks of your session date. If you would like to receive your images sooner than two weeks, a rush can be applied for $100 which will ensure your images are complete within one week after your session date.

  • When is the best time to schedule my session?

    The best time of day for portrait sessions is a couple hours before sunset as this is the time that the sun is at just the right spot to create a beautiful, flattering light for your session.

    Any time of the year is good for portraits! Each season has its perks and challenges.  Here are a few links to portrait sessions at different times of the year


    Great question! Don’t worry about that, I will send you lots of information this leading up to your session. It includes all the details and pretty much everything you might need to know.


    This is the most important question that you might have! After you have booked your session with me you will receive my welcome package which I explained everything in detail. Basically don’t be too matchy-matchy but organize your outfits. Avoid large graphics and logos.


    No problem! I don’t have kids but I heard a lot of stories, so simply don’t worry! I want you to be absolutely in love with the result I create at your session so if the kids are not cooperating and being grumpy I am totally flexible about rescheduling. The most important thing is to contact me as soon as possible. You can call me, text me or send me an email I am open to rearranging plans to make things work, however, a no-show is a no-show and your session fee will not be refunded.

  • What do your client usually buy?

    My clients usually love my custom design layout for wall prints which it comes with frames if you like! Most clients spend between $1000- $1500 in products.

  • How about mini session, do you offer mini portrait sessions?

    Yes, I offer mini portrait sessions on location, on selected dates. For more information ask me here and make sure you Sign up for my newsletter to be the first hear about these sessions, they normally book fast 🙂

  • I have to cancel! what's your cancelation policy?

    If you need to cancel the payment will not be refunded. If you reschedule the payment will carry over onto the new date within 6 months of our original schedule shoot date. If we aren’t able to find a new date within the 6 months your new shoot will be subject to my current pricing or the contract will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded.

  • Do you do weddings?

    Yes and no 🙂 I work with Ikonica group and I would highly recommend you to check them out. So yeah contact me here and we’ll work it out.

  • Do we need permits for our session?

    Permits for lifestyle sessions vary depending on the location and length of time requested, and are charged by an hourly rate.